Banking and Financial Services
M&RA's lawyers have represented banks, financial corporations, insurance companies and other financial institutions, as well as financial holding companies and their officers, directors and shareholders. Our banking and financial practice is aimed at providing effective legal guidance and strategic planning advice that assist our clients' banking and financial services businesses in complying with relevant regulations.

Corporate Law
M&RA Corporate Law Practice offers sound advice in all matters of corporate law, including the internal structure of the corporate entities (i.e., the agreements dictating how corporate officers and directors must deal with their shareholders and manage the corporation). This advice always considers that a key aspect of corporate law is the allocation of power in the company among the shareholders, the board of directors, and corporate officers. Basic authority rests with the owner/shareholders, who can elect or remove directors and make certain very fundamental decisions for the company.

Entrepreneurship and New Businesses
At M&RA we believe in the power of entrepreneurship and we advise all the parties that participate in the creation process of new businesses and well as in the legal aspects of their operation, including entrepreneurs, angel investors, qualified business investors and financing entities.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
M&RA's lawyers have extensive experience with mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, performing a wide variety of duties, including assisting their clients in: (i) pre-sale corporate ''housekeeping,'' which involves, among others, due diligence processes, revising and updating corporate records; (ii) formulating and/or evaluating offers; (iii) negotiating and preparing of the letter of intent and confidentiality agreements; (iv) drafting and negotiating definitive purchase agreements, subscription agreements, shareholder agreements and other related agreements, and (v) in several post-closing matters.

Project Finance
M&RA's lawyers have extensive experience with project finance in several sectors and have represented parties on several sides of this type of transactions – borrowers, project sponsors, lenders, equipment suppliers and public sector entities.

Securities Market
M&RA Securities Market Practice offers a deep expertise and understanding of the Mexican securities law regulating the major players in the domestic securities industry (broker dealers, banks, investment advisers, mutual funds, stock exchanges) and the transactions in securities issued by several types of issuers.

Labor Law
M&RA offers integral advisory on labor legal matters and social security, with special emphasis in the prevention of disputes through the planning of labor transactions.

We provide guidance regarding sound corporate-labor practices. We may also audit the compliance with applicable Mexican and international labor regulation, as well as the correction of any inconsistencies or problems.

We advise on the hiring, execution and termination of individual labor relationship, jointly with the negotiation and drafting of all kinds of individual labor contracts and accessory documents.

We draft internal labor policies, codes of conduct, privacy notices for employees, confidentiality agreements and all other documents provided for or required under the legal labor regulations. We offer, as well, integral training and skills for mid- and high- level managers, regarding Mexican and international labor law.